Affiliate Terms of Use

Each participant in the Affiliate Program provided by QiEnergy.Ai (referred to as the “Vendor”) explicitly accepts this Affiliate Agreement.

. No Self-Purchasing: Affiliates are strictly prohibited from enlisting friends, family, or any other individuals with the intention of earning commissions on purchases made for personal use. This practice undermines the integrity of the QiEnergy.Ai Affiliate Program and is closely monitored. Violation of this policy may lead to immediate termination of the affiliate account and forfeiture of any earned commissions.

2. Coupon Site Restrictions: Affiliates operating coupon sites are ineligible for commissions.

3. Earnings and Payments: Affiliates become eligible for payouts upon reaching a minimum commission threshold of $100. Standard commissions are processed 45 days after the end of each month, in compliance with our terms. However, for affiliates seeking expedited earnings, applying for VIP affiliate status is an excellent option. Achieving VIP status accelerates the payment process, enabling commissions to be paid out within the first week following the conclusion of each month. This not only improves cash flow but also rewards affiliates for their effective promotion efforts. It’s essential to note that to receive any payments, affiliates must have submitted a valid W-9 form; without this, no payments will be made. For details on achieving VIP status and submitting necessary tax documentation, affiliates are encouraged to consult the dashboard or contact our support team.

4. Advertising Guidelines: Affiliate advertising must not contain deceptive, misleading, untruthful, or unsubstantiated content, nor should it fail to comply with applicable national, federal, and state consumer protection laws, regulations, and guidelines.

5. Representation: Affiliates are prohibited from creating webpages, social media pages, or accounts that falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of QiEnergy.Ai products. It must be explicitly clear that the page is an advertisement.

6. Marketing Restrictions: It is strictly forbidden to mention any disease in marketing efforts or imply that QiEnergy.Ai products cure or treat anything. Additionally, negative or scare marketing tactics are not permitted.

7. Email Marketing: Any form of email spam is strictly prohibited. Emails should only be sent to individuals who have opted in and must fully comply with CAN-SPAM regulations.

8. Content Usage: Affiliates may not copy, transcribe, paraphrase, reproduce, or otherwise use any video or part of a video found on QiEnergy.Ai. Additionally, using before or after photos found on the website or within any videos is prohibited.

9. Image Usage: All images found on QiEnergy.Ai are the property of the website and are copyright protected. They may only be used by affiliates for promoting QiEnergy.Ai products. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

10. Checkout Process: Affiliates may not directly send customers to a checkout page. All customers must follow proper channels to ensure tracking and commission attribution.

11. Search Engine and Pricing Restrictions: Affiliates may not bid on search terms containing “QiEnergy.Ai” or any variations thereof on any search engine. Advertising prices lower than those offered by the Vendor or offering bonuses/incentives for purchasing through affiliate links is also prohibited.

12. Retail Sites and Auctions: Promotion of QiEnergy.Ai products on retail sites, auction sites, or app stores such as Amazon, eBay, Google Store, iTunes, or any similar platforms is strictly prohibited.

13. Indemnification: Affiliates agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless QiEnergy.Ai from any lawsuits, investigations, claims, or complaints arising from any violation or alleged violation of the aforementioned terms. QiEnergy.Ai is not responsible for approving affiliate ads. Compliance lies solely with the affiliate, who represents and warrants that all affiliate ads undergo legal review for necessary compliance. Affiliates bear full responsibility for their advertising practices.

General Compliance and Conduct

Your participation in the QiEnergy.Ai Affiliate Program signifies your acknowledgment, understanding, and agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in this Affiliate Agreement. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for fostering a productive partnership between you and QiEnergy.Ai. Together, we aim to uphold a reputable and efficient affiliate program, prioritizing the success and satisfaction of both parties and our shared audience.

Non-compliance with these terms may result in the withholding of commissions, immediate termination of your affiliate account, and potential legal repercussions for breach of contract. QiEnergy.Ai retains the right to amend or adjust these terms at its discretion, without prior notification. It is your responsibility as an affiliate to remain informed about any alterations to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

We appreciate your dedication to the ethical and impactful promotion of QiEnergy.Ai products. Here’s to a prosperous partnership ahead.